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Modolist Film Festival

Ukraine’s main movie event of the year, Modolist (Youth) Film Festival is going to take place in Kyiv Oct.18-26. The festival will distinguish best young moviemakers, including feature film and short film debuts, as well as student movies. Besides, plenty of great works will be demonstrated as a part of non-competitive program, including special showings, shorts collections and retrospectives of legendary actors and directors. The Honorable president of this year’s Molodist is President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, and the co-heads of Board of Trustees are actor Gerard Depardieu and Hares Youssef.

As usual the festival expects lots of famous guests from the cinema world, but as it often happens, their names are kept secret till the last moment. However the composition of 38th Molodist’s international jury was already announced. The jury will be headed by American actor Armand Assante (“Napoleon and Josephine: a Love Story,” “The Mambo Kings” “Blind Justice,” “The Odyssey”), who played the lead role in the Romanian movie “California Dreamin,” recently shown in local theaters as a part of, “Molodist Premonition” mini-fest.

Other members of the jury include Russian actress Alla Demidova, acting in the movies and theater since 1970s; Hungarian director Andras Fesos, mostly known for his short movies and documentaries such as “Tale in Sarajevo,” “Want to Reach the Sun” and “Horse Race at New Year’s Eve”; Ukrainian artist Serhiy Yakutovych, the illustrator of numerous literature editions and art director of Ukrainian films “A Prayer for Hetman Mazepa” and “Taras Bulba” (still in production); Gaga Chkheyidze, the head of International Tbilisi Film Festival and Yuriy Makarov, Ukrainian TV host, journalist and writer.

The program of the festival is vast and exciting, featuring over 400 movies, with many films shown in original with subtitles or live translation. But because most films will be shown just once during the fest, it’s best to plan your film program and get the tickets in advance!

More information on http://www.molodist.com

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