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An international festival of photography, KievFotoCom, will last until Nov. 9. It presents one of its first exhibitions “Adventures in Cross-Casting” – photographs by Diana Blok. A project of the Dutch photographer, created in 1997, it includes 30 portraits of actors from the Theater Institute Netherlands. The creative artist asked them to play roles in front of the camera, roles in which they have dreamt about during their whole lives onstage. But they couldn’t play them, as they were meant for the opposite sex. Then the photographer and her camera were the only witnesses to how men transformed into women, and vice versa, and how people change their characters.

Portrait is Diana Blok’s favorite genre. It is a perfect method to capture a person’s true self. She takes photo portraits of her friends and relatives and even of Dutch prisoners. Her photos are included in private collections in New York, Tokyo, Buenos Aires and Helsinki.

Diana is a true citizen of the world. She was born in Uruguay, spent her youth time in Columbia, Guatemala and Mexico. She studied photography by herself and opened her first exhibition at 25 years old. Now at her 56, Diana is a lecturer in prestigious Royal Art Academy in Hague.

22A Andriyivskiy Uzviz, 425-2219.
Adventures in Cross-Casting, through Oct. 23.More information at

Oksana Faryna for "Kyiv Post"
photo from KievFotoCom

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