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Bob Sinclar

Bob Sinclar, a French deejay and producer, is going to play in Kyiv at the Free Fat VIP Performance party. Sinclar doesn’t require a special introduction since his hits can be heard all over the world: in a taxi in Tel Aviv, in a restaurant by the sea in Madagascar, on a coach station in Bombay, in a new-age bar on Venice Beach, in New York or Ibiza.

Sinclar started deejaying in 1986, when he was 18 years old, specializing in funk and hip-hop music, under the name Chris The French Kiss. For the first time, he lit up dance floors with a fit “Gym Tonic” in 1998. But when his debut album “Paradise,” with such hits as “The Ghetto” and “Ultimate Funk” appeared, everybody understood that “Gym Tonic” was only his warm-up. Sinclar’s last hits “Love Generation,” called “The hymn of an entire generation,” and “Rock this Party,” definitely raised him to the Olympus.

The 41-year-old deejay is a welcome guest at the most expensive parties. His performance costs no less that the pop star’s fee. His hit “World, Hold On” topped in Billboard Magazine as Number One Hot Dance Club Play Single of 2006, beating Madonna and Christina Aguilera. Bob Sinclar’s success, probably, lies in his ability to make making music that is both sophisticated and popular, house music that is equal parts glamour, pop and sexy.

Lavra Gallery
17 Mazepy, 8 (067) 505-4760.
Oct. 30, 9 p.m.Tickets Hr 350, Hr 500.
Oksana Faryna for "Kyiv Post"

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