пятница, 10 октября 2008 г.


Young Georgian musician BekBekson will show what miracles he can make with a common guitar. Though his guitar is not quite so common: it was made by BekBekson’s father – jeweler, designer and artist. It is the only guitar in the world which has a built-in microphone that allows one creating musical samples. BekBekson plays guitar with a fiddlestick and uses many unusual techniques. His instrument sounds like a violin or violin cello, and can even imitate a wild bird or Tibetan monk choir. Speaking of genres, BekBekson experiments with jazz, rock, avant-garde, noise, classics, psychedelic and fusion. So the “Guitar Alchemy” is really a fitting name for his concert program.
BekBekson has been writing and playing music compositions since he was 15. He graduated from Batumi Music Academy with a major in classical guitar. The musician has been playing under the stage name BekBekson since 2005 and does not disclose his real name. He performed at several festivals in Tbilisi and at Ukrainian jazz festivals in Lviv, Donetsk and Koktebel. This concert will be BekBekson’s second gig in Kyiv.He visited the city for the first time last spring playing at Ukrainian Fashion Week.

44 (44B Khreshchatyk, 279-4137). Oct. 10, 10 p.m. Tickets Hr 50.
Oksana Faryna for "Kyiv Post"

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